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Wording Your Invites

With more diverse family units nowadays there is a huge range of ways to word your wedding invitations to include both the bride and groom’s parents, a single parent from either side, or neither.

In recent years we have seen less use of the more traditional inviting option in which the bride’s parents issue the invitation. Instead, many couples are choosing to issue the invitations in their own names, using formal or contemporary wording, depending on the tone they want to set for the day.

We have included some wording templates below to guide you in your decision for Day Invitations, Evening Invitations and Reply Cards. These templates are repeated in the checkout section when you make your order. You can choose to use a set wording template and add your own details, or you can create your own custom wording to suit your needs.


We've also thrown in some suggestions for Thank You Card messages at the end of the page :)

Day Invitation:

Evening Reception / Party Invitation:

Reply Card:

 Thank You Card Message Suggestions:



Do remember! As long as you include all the necessary practical details:
Day, Date, Times, Locations
there’s no right or wrong way to word your invitations.
The main aim is to give your guests a sense of the day and a sense of you as a couple.


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